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About me

  • About me

    I'm Jaye. I'm 15. I'm doing GCSE's at the moment. I have a brother who is disabled and 2 sisiers who i don't hardly speak to. Emotional but can be nice and get a bit Violent.
  • Music

    TOKIO HOTEL, Escape The Fate, Papa Roach, Madina Lake, Metro Station, All Time Low, The Blackout, Nina, Aloha from Hell, Evanescence, Young Guns, AFI, The Academy, Panic at the disco, Framing Henly, Paramore,


    Twilight, Doctor Who, Night in the museam, Mamma Mia, Scrubs, Tokio Hotel TV.
  • Lifestyle

    I'm Jaye I came from the UK I go to the Blue School My friends and family mean the world to me i love them and i would never want to loose them, I do admit i am a nice person but if you do get on the worng side of me i will become violent.


    Netball, Football, Tennis, Badminton, Trampolinig, Basketball
  • Arts



    I love to make new friends so if you want to be friends with me than all you have to do is add me =)

R.I.P Dad :'(

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